Having produced award winning work across both traditional and new media channels we provide the best possible environment for creativity to thrive. It’s only complex with bad planning. We plan well.


We know editorial and we know the part editorial plays in clear and tantalizing storytelling. From basic editorial to animation and motion graphics it’s all about what you have to say and the best way to tell that story.


It’s easy to say you offer creative thinking but quite another thing to deliver strategically focused work, utilizing sound insights that create that connection between you and your audience.



It’s not really about us. It’s about you. What kind of story do you need to tell? Who’s your audience and what’s the best way to speak with them? We assume you’re good at what you do. We are good at what we do. Together we can conquer the world. Or, at least, produce some great content.

Our Team

Jeff Marpe

Director - Exec Producer

Jeff grew up in Waxahatchie, Texas, where as the son of a movie theater owner he began a life long passion and love for the moving image.

Susan Eberhart

Ex. Producer

Susan is resourceful and calm under pressure, two things that come in handy during the production process. With 17+ years of experience there is little she hasn't encountered.

Michael Coletta

Editor/Post Production Producer

Michael is an editor of award winning advertising campaigns, reality TV and independent features. While bringing a strong editorial point of view to each project he recognizes the collaborative nature of filmmaking – working harmoniously with the entire creative team to bring out the best work in everyone.

"Good film making requires not conspicuous expenditure but disciplined imagination."



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The options are almost endless as far as technological solutions for video production these days. Large or small. Long or short. We have the knowledge and experience to put together the equipment, crews and directors to fit any project.



From the simple to the complex we have the machines and , more importantly, we have creative people sitting in front of those machines.



We believe that film/video making is a collaborative endeavor, and that the creativity in this medium is an amalgamation of input from all the players. We are a creative company.

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At the end of the day, week or month we have made something. We take pride in that. We work hard with our clients to ensure that the product we deliver meets their needs and is something that is enlightening, creative and effective.


We are able to deliver quality creative not only because we work hard at it. We work smart at it as well. We ask the right questions up front.


Creativity needs an atmosphere in which it can flourish. We can provide that. Let’s put our heads together and creatively produce something that works for you.